How Can a Student Start an Online Business?

I remember joining the university in 2016; my family could only pay for my school fee and accommodation; everything else was a privilege every time I received it. 

 So, I started several businesses to relieve my mother’s pressure on financing me. Some failed, and some succeeded! I know the pinch, so today, I’m sharing this article to guide you on how to effectively address your financial issues as a student. 

How can a student start an online business, therefore? 

Students start online businesses by creating accounts on any preferred platform and sharing their products with others. Unique businesses include starting a podcast, writing blogs, and freelancing. Start an online business at home by creating profiles on social media and getting merchandise to sell.

Read on to find out more.

How Can a Student Start an Online Business?

A student can start an online business in two major ways, 

  1. Personal Approach
  2. Passive Approach

Let’s discuss this further below. 

Personal Approach

Taking the personal approach means the student decides to bear all the intricacies of starting an online business. As a student, you’ll have to find a social media platform that fits well with your capacities and doesn’t consume too much of your time. 

Once you select a site, create a profile and begin posting. The process is straightforward if you’ve already decided what business you intend to start. However, if you’re still undecided, here’s a list below of all the unique business ideas you can try. 

Passive Approach 

The passive approach is for a student who has ideas but lacks time. A  second party, therefore, develops the online business for them. This approach, however, doesn’t excuse the student from the process of business development. 

You’ll have to choose an online platform you’ll be comfortable with when the assistance is unavailable. 

7 Unique Online Business Ideas for Students

Here’s a list of 8 unique business ideas for students. Even so, these businesses are curated for students who wish to start an online business. 

  1. Start a blog
  2. Document life through videos
  3. Review books
  4. Write and sell books (eBooks, audiobooks)
  5. Manage social media platforms
  6. Create and share courses
  7. Start a podcast

Start a Blog

Blogs are informal written accounts on any topic shared on the internet. This kind of business works well for students if they’ve identified the niche to write on. There are many niches you can choose from. They include; pets, gardening, home improvement, health and wellness, dieting, and baby niche, among others.

It takes some time to do the research needed to identify what is appropriate for you. 

As a student, here are some ideas to write on from top student searches; 

  • Tips on studying effectively
  • Navigating school life
  • Winning socializing 
  • How to pass exams 

If you’re a student, it’s easier to blog about issues you may be experiencing. Nevertheless, choose a topic you won’t be easily bored by to ensure you always produce quality content. 

Additionally, choose the right platform when creating a blog; for example, WordPress is the best. 

Document Life Through Vlogs

How Can a Student Start an Online Business?

Photo by Ron Lach on Pexels

Probably this is the most fun of all the examples you’ll read on this list. Besides, creating video diaries through vlogs can be done on any social media platform. 

The possibility of what to film is endless. You can choose to document life as a student, show your classes and study time, or vlog about what it’s like outside the class. 

Vlogging earns you money as a student, depending on your followers and their interaction with your content. Youtube has a creator’s fund, where they pay you as a way of saying “thank you” for using their platform. The amount of money you receive depends on the number of subscribers. 

With excellent interaction from followers, brand deals are possible. Besides, these brands also pay you. 

Review Books 

The book review is my favorite; however, it’s not the easiest. To start the business of book reviews, you’ll have to create accounts with sites like Kirkus review and upload some reviews that you’ve done in the past. 

Once your reviews are approved, you’ll receive new release books to read, then write reviews on or synopsis. 

Write and Sell Books

Like reviewing books, writing and selling books as a business requires effort; since you’re a student with materials to read and write all the time, this idea requires passion. Also, if you’re good at telling stories, you can write short stories and sell your eBooks on platforms like Amazon. Besides, self-publishing books on Amazon are free. 

You can also choose to narrate your stories and sell the recordings on youtube. Writing and selling books is a passive online business a student can start anytime

Most importantly, unlike the other options listed above, you aren’t responsible for the marketing. After you’ve posted the eBook or Audiobook, the platform you’ve used markets the book for you. Your success, however, is based on the tags you’ve added. 

Manage Social Media Platforms 

How Can a Student Start an Online Business?

Photo by Plann on Pexels 

Anyone looking to start and grow their business has to have a social media account. Opportunities for students come from linking with people who have their businesses online. As a social media manager, however, you’re tasked with controlling your client’s online presence. 

You always post on their behalf and respond to comments and messages. 

Create and Share Courses 

Business 101 videos are doing well online these days. So, if you’re blessed with a specific skill set, record videos and share them online for people to purchase or subscribe to your channel. 

The beauty of this idea is it’s both passive and personal. While making these videos, you’ll need to be knowledgeable on the subject, write up the content you wish to teach, and post. After you’ve posted, the site takes care of sharing it with people on your behalf.

If, for example, you share content on youtube, you’ll receive money depending on the number of subscribers. 

Additionally, you can tutor kids online while on summer holidays at home. 

Start a Podcast 

How can a student start an online business?

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Podcasts are audio entertainment prerecorded and posted on sites like Audible and Castbox. What’s more? Podcasts can be on any topic. 

Choose topics that interest you, and you’re well informed. Making podcasts your online business earns you money depending on the number of listeners and subscribers. 

How to Start Online Business With No Money

You can start an online business with no money by creating a profile on social media and sharing your skills and contact information for clients to find you. Also, starting an online business with no money is similar to freelancing, which is described in the list above. 

The beauty of online business is that you must not have anything, of course, except interest. 

How to Start Online Business From Home

how to start online business with no money

Photo by Ivan Samkov on Pexels

You can start an online business and create accounts such as;

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • People per hour, among others. 

Next, post the products and/or services you’re selling.

For credibility, you can have some samples of your goods or services to attract more clients. I mean, if, for example, you’re a content writer, attach a sample article to your profile.

If you sell clothes online, you can post the most recent clothes and attach past customers’ reviews. 

Benefits of Online Business for Students

The benefits of starting an online business for students include;

  • Gaining experience in the market before you finish school: All the lessons you’ll learn from the business you choose to start might pop up once you’re an adult running your company. Your advantage is you’ll have learned how to navigate these detours already. 
  • Learning management skills: You’ll learn management skills for time, money, people, and emotions.  
  • Powerful resume: Once you finish school, you’ll require a resume to get into the job market. Another benefit of having your own business as a student is that you’ll have tested skills to add to your resume; this puts you ahead of your fellows. 
  • Money: Starting an online business as a student earns you extra pocket money. You, therefore, have more options on how to spend your time as a student, that’s always fun!
  • Expanded professional network: You’ll meet influential people once or twice while running your online business. When you do need to venture into business full-time, you’ll have these connections to go to for guidance. 

How to Register an Online Business

You register an online business by:

  • Submitting its name and income statistics to your country’s tax authority.
  • While you’re seeking registration, ensure to register your business as its entity, not tied to your social security pin. 
  • Get a tax compliance number for the business to begin paying tax as its entity, then apply for the various required permits and licenses depending on the business you’ve chosen. 

Online Business for Students from Home

Examples of online businesses for students at home include, 

  • Holiday tutor: You’ll have to record videos on topics and post them on any social media platform of your choice. If prerecording is tedious, you can schedule online meetings with students you’ve recruited for your class and tutor live. 
  • Selling on-demand prints: These prints can include notes, pictures, and custom designs, among other things. This is an excellent online business choice if you’re good at graphic design. 


Can Students Create a Successful Start-Up Business?

Yes, students can create a successful start-up business. As long as a student has the right idea and they plan well, any business they start online is guaranteed to succeed. Things to note that’ll help the business succeed include venturing into something you’re already interested in. 

Also, ensure you have time to spare from your schoolwork to check your online profile for clients. If you start a business with long-term potential, register it to make it public and pay tax. 


As you’ve read, there are several ways a student can start an online business, and with the right guidance, you’re assured of success. Don’t let the title ‘student’ scare you into thinking you must wait before getting into the business. 

Even from the comfort of your home while doing online learning, you can create and run a business.

The list above has several good options that’ll help you grow financially and intellectually from the lessons you’ll learn. Take your time to find what works and go for it with a clear mind. 

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