Hashtag: The Amazing Benefits, The Dos And Don’ts Of Using It

Of course, you have heard or even used a hashtag, but it is possible that you used it because you saw others use it. I mean, you probably don’t know why you are (should be) using this hashtag in each of your social media posts. Maybe that is true.

Perhaps not! Whatever the answer, today I will tell you one amazing thing: one hashtag can bring several clients your way.

Yes, it is possible.

You only need to know the right hashtag (s) to use and how to use it. Also, remember not to use so many of them; use just enough for each post.

With the right hashtag, it will be very easy for you to connect with the right clients. Yes, even well and better-paying clients! That’s a dream come true. Isn’t that so?

But What Really Is A Hashtag, And Why Should You Use It?


Here we go…

A hashtag is a phrase or rather a word that is accompanied by a pound sign (#) to make your content  (post) visible to those looking for such content on different social media platforms.

You can use it to tag your content so as to get more views, increase the rate of your conversation, and get more clicks, as well as comments on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the like.

Talking of hashtag history, a former Google staff, Chris Messina, was the first person to use the hashtag.

Chris Messina hashtag

In 2007, he tweeted using the hashtag. It took quite some time for people to start using it, but millions of people later started using the tag after that due to its impact on their posts and content.

 How Does A Hashtag Benefit Your Posts?

Firstly, many benefits come with using a hashtag. However, that only happens if:

  1. You use it the right way
  2. You don’t use more than enough depending on the social media platform
  3. You use the right hashtags to bring ONLY the RIGHT target audience your way

Now, let’s have the benefits that come with these benefits under a microscope.

Increases The Visibility Of Your Posts

hashtag impressions

Each time you use a hashtag, for example, #blogger, #Writer, #ContentWriter, and the like, anyone using that hashtag to search for such information will see your posts.

Not only yours but also any other content that has the same hashtag. That, therefore, means that clients who use specific keywords to search for content will definitely find your content easily.

Whether those seeing your posts are your followers or not, the hashtag will make it possible for them to see it. That is why it is so easy to reach an audience that you have never interacted with on social media just because you used this “magic tag.”

Get The Right Audience On Board

But you don’t just increase visibility. No, there is a number one rule you should follow. You see, it is one thing to have people see your posts, and it is another to have the right people see your posts.

That being said, if you use the wrong hashtags, people will see and, even better, like your posts, but they may never contact you because they have no (little) interest in what you are posting.

So, you just don’t want to have some audience but a like-minded audience on board.

People with the same interests will always have something to talk about. That is why, when you have a like-minded audience, once they see an interesting post, they will definitely want to leave a comment, ask a question, and like.

You bet some will become your followers henceforth, right?

Helps Keep In Touch With Clients And Offer Better Services

When you use a hashtag, anytime people leave a comment on your post; it is easy to get notifications. You will be able to know what they are saying, what they think of you, your products, or your services.

That way, you know what they are looking for if your posts are solving their problems and if there is anything extra they expect you to provide them with. Of course, this is an excellent way to offer better services to your audience as well as a potential audience.

hashtag customers

Notifications are not only useful in helping you improve your services or products but also when replying to people’s comments on time or as soon as possible.

But Remember…

Don’t Use More Than Enough

Nevertheless, too much of something is said to be poisonous. Remember you are dealing with mature people, well-civilized professionals.

If they see that the hashtags are more than the content in your post, they will start thinking that you are spammy. The consequences are that they will lose interest in following you. So, remember to be professional by using just enough hashtags.

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Always Keep On Checking  On The Trend

However, it is good that you keep an eye on your hashtags to know how they are doing. Always check them once a month to see if they are trending well.

affilitemarketing hashtag

Also, check which ones are trending more and use those most while you try to replace the ones that are not trending.

Also, remember that the trend keeps changing, and brushing your shoulders with it would be a good idea. Don’t be left behind. If you use hashtags that are not trending, your content may never trend.

So, keep an effort to use tools that can show you which hashtags are trending. Some of them, like trackmyhashtag.com, will give you a detailed report that will definitely go a long way in helping you to know the right hashtag to use.

Other tools include:

You Can Create Your Hashtag(s)

If you are trying to get your name out there, it may be possible that no one has ever used that name. Also, it could be that you are new to social media, and those who know you are less than 10. What do you do?

Create your own hashtag.

hashtag twitter

Does that mean that you should not use that hashtag? Absolutely not.

You can still use it. But you will need to do a few things to have it trend fast. Firstly, use it frequently. You can even give an offer and ask people subscribing to your offer to use the hashtag as one way to qualify for the offer.

If you are especially giving away a good product or service, trust me, people will subscribe, and since they are using the hashtag as a way to qualify, the tag will definitely trend.

That’s fantastic, right?

So, do not worry if you want to create a hashtag for your brand or product. Just go ahead and seek ways to make people use it. You can as well tell them to start with the hashtag when commenting. That, too, makes sense.

Within a short time, each time people see that hashtag, they will think of you, your site, your product, or whatever else is associated with the hashtag.

Over To You

With hashtags in place, things can only get better. More and more people will see your posts, like, and comment. That way, your online business must grow.

And…you will not rag behind when everyone else is making a step ahead.

Again, it is so easy, simple, yet very magical.

If you want to excel on any social media platform, the #tag is the way to go.

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