Earn Money Online And Get Paid Through Mpesa: In Only 1 Minute!

Although online jobs have been there for long, their demand since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic has been high. At least, if you can write in grammar and speak in fluent English, you can earn money online and get paid through Mpesa in one minute!

You can choose to do article writing, blogging, marketing products online for a commission, or become a Virtual Assistant. Alternatively, you can write eBooks, become a transcriber, or do surveys, among other online jobs.

Interestingly, the field accommodates students, mothers, youths, and everyone else. Plus, this is something you can do part-time or full-time (like me) without ever worrying.

All you need is a computer, stable internet, and a good working area with a table and seat, probably the best chair for scoliosis.

Let’s kick off…

Easy Online Jobs: Earn Money Online And Get Paid Through Mpesa

As I said, there are many online jobs you could do and earn money online and get paid through Mpesa. Nonetheless, we are all different. As such, what one can do is not what another may opt to do.

For instance, currently, I am doing article writing, blogging, and affiliate marketing. While I love all of these jobs, I dislike transcription or VA jobs.

Another person will opt for transcription over what I do.

What am I saying? Each of us is wired differently, true? So, if you try one and fail, don’t give up. Try out another until you get what you will enjoy doing.

Let’s go through each of these, starting with what I have specialized in.

1. Article Writing

As a starter, I would suggest that you start with article writing. Not only is it easy, but it is also easy to get jobs as well as writing accounts.

Plus, it takes just a few days to finish training and get started. In fact, most of my trainees get hired while still undertaking the training.

So, what is article writing? In article writing, you are given a title, for instance, “Easy Ways To Make $100 While Working From Home.”

What you are expected to do is to copy that title and paste it into the Google search engine. Do comprehensive research and write easy ways people can earn by working online from home.

It is easy as that.

However, you have to follow the given instructions. For example, you should check how many words your client wants in that article.

How Do I Get Paid?

You agree with the client (local or native) on how they will be paying you. That can be after every article you submit, before submitting (this is the safest method since you are working with strangers), or weekly.

For some, they propose to pay after two weeks or one month. This is totally insecure and may cost you a lot in the long last.

As a trainer and writer since 2017, I would never advise payment after one week, two weeks, or one month. I would go for payment before submission (if you know you’ll deliver top-quality content), or after every submission of an article.

How much do you earn in every article you write, like, say, 500 words?

I always tell people that there is no right answer to this question. See, when it comes to writing, you bargain with your client. Ask him how much he is paying, or give him a quotation for every 500 words.

Just to give you an idea, if you are working for a local client (Kenyan), you should be paid at least 500 for every sh. 500 ($5) words. Others will pay you more than that if they own a website (blog).

As for natives, some will pay you sh. 1000 ($10) or more for every 500 words. So, depending on whom you are working for, payment differs. Assuming that each day you can earn money online and get paid through Mpesa, you can make up to 30 000 in a month. Without a doubt, that will give you a classic life, depending on where you live!

FAQ On Article Writing

Can Article Writing Pay My Bills?

I have been doing this since 2017, full-time. I have no other source of income. I resigned from being a tutor, and I have never thought of going back to teaching. The salary cannot compare!

So, yes, article writing can pay your bills as long as you know how to write high-quality content.

MUST I Be Trained To Write Articles?

Some people say it is easy and so you can train yourself. I say the same, but I will also add something; you will take longer than you would to start earning if you train yourself. Secondly, if you train yourself, how sure will you be that you are delivering high-quality content?

How will you know where to get clients and what to do to avoid being conned? It’s risky! Trust me; training pays off.

Can I Get The Right Skills From A Free Course?

A free course will give you about 10 to 20 percent of what you could get from a premium course. I started with a free course because I could not afford the training fee.

But I can tell you for free that what I gained from a premium course cannot compare with what I got from a free course. I will never regret to have paid the $20. So, yes, a free course is good, but if you are serious about your writing career, go premium!

Can A Trainer Con Me?

Absolutely! I have read stories of people who have been conned in the past. Not once, not twice, many times!


Somebody posts on writer’s groups or their walls that they offer training on, maybe, article writing. Probably, they are charging less than $10. Finding it a good deal, you make payment. The ‘trainer’ sends you a lesson guide, and off he/she goes.

Was that training?

No! That is not what I call training. A trainer should give you a guide on how to write articles, give you homework, and mark for you.

They should clearly indicate the areas you need to amend and mark that article again until you are able to produce quality. That’s all? Not at all!

They should also be able to guide you in creating an account (s) or help you get one. Still, where possible, they should help you get a client.

This, however, is only possible for those trainees who are able to produce what their trainer wants.

After training, great trainers should not end their mentorship. Mentorship should be there as long as you want it.

Secret: Such is what I offer! You can join my comprehensive online article writing course here or contact me directly at writer.marypeter.


To be a good blogger, you must know how to write articles. At least, I also started from there. It was in my second year of writing that I started blogging.

What’s blogging, and what does it entail?

Blogging entails writing articles in a particular niche so that they can be published on a particular site/website. In most cases, we use the second person (you) when writing them. This is because you are talking to the reader, your followers.

A client who wants content for a blog will most likely give you a KW (keyword) to use. It can be one or more KWs.

You may equally be given links to add to the article though that is not a must. You can create a blog on making money online, health, marriage, relationships, or any other niche.

How do you earn money online and get paid through Mpesa when you start blogging?

Well, there are many ways of earning money through blogging. One of the most common is displaying Ad-sense on your site.

You can also sell products and services, such as training courses. Nonetheless, for you to make it in blogging, you need to know SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Of course, if you are not trained, this could be one big challenge.

If you join my course, you will not only learn how to write articles, but you will also learn how to do blogging. This is why joining my course is rewarding!

Affiliate Marketing

I started doing affiliate marketing in 2019. If you have followed keenly, you realize I started with article writing in 2017, graduated to blogging in 2018, and later affiliate marketing in 2019. Of course, this is not the end; I am working on something else this year (2020).

I like sharing my story to motivate others. Don’t just do one thing and settle, grow every time you are able to. Away from that…

Affiliate marketing involves selling products and/or services on behalf of a company or another person. Of course, you do not do it for free; you earn yourself a commission. Depending on the company you are working with, you can earn a commission of 1 to 50 percent or more.

How do you sell those products and services to earn money and get paid through Mpesa? You can choose to write content and add an affiliate link to your post or use banners.

In other cases, you just lead traffic to another website and earn yourself some cash. Ever heard of passive income? Now, this is it! You earn even when you are in the loo! Funny, but it is true.

If someone clicks on a certain link or buys a product, it doesn’t matter if you are online or not; you will still earn.

This is the best thing you could do. But as I said, for you to do affiliate marketing, you have to start from somewhere, learn how to write articles, then graduate to writing product reviews.

When you get to know how to review products, you will be able to market many products without the need to hire a writer to do that for you.

Hint: At least you get this package when you join my online writing course.

eBook Writing

Hmm…I have done eBook writing in the past. It is not for the faint. If you do not love writing, eBook writing is not for you! Why do I say this?

I wrote one eBook for a client, a whopping 11 pages. Well, along the way, you get bored, waking up to the same thing. You need to be creative without adding fluff to the content.

Lots of research is also needed. That is not to say that you don’t do lots of research when writing reviews, blog posts, and articles. Of course, you MUST so as to avoid cases of plagiarism.

But what I mean is that eBooks are, in most cases, long. As such, they will require lots of content. There is no other way other than digging your head into research.

You can also write eBooks and sell them to potential buyers. You, however, must be an expert in a certain area or be willing to do enough research for you to be able to write a great eBook that will ‘command’ people to buy.


Do you have a good ear? Can you type fast? Are you able to differentiate different native ascents without difficulty? Then, look for good headphones, a stable internet connection, and a computer. With that, you are ready to join the transcription world.

This is one of those jobs that pay way better than most online jobs.

However, there is one great challenge that newbies face, getting an account.

You can always do tests and pass, then graduate to work, but passing those tests is challenging. Since you cannot start using a particular account without passing their exams, most people give up and tend to buy accounts.

Well, most of them, in fact, 95 percent, end up buying accounts. In the process, they get conned. Again, this is why you need a trainer or mentor.

The market is flooded with desperate transcribers who coincidentally meet with cons who sell fake accounts. By fake, I mean; the account is there, but again the moment you buy it, the logins get changed, and you lose that account after a couple of days or immediately after you have made just a few sales.

Expert Advice: Avoid buying those accounts if you are not ready for a shock! Also, involve your trainer if you can when buying accounts.

One of the top transcription trainers in Kenya that I have interacted with is Val Wacera (she offers both online and one on one training). Probably, you could consider contacting her if you want transcription training.

Virtual Assistant (VA)

Not many VAs I know, but the few I know are doing well. As a VA, you are entitled to provide some services to, for example, web managers, business owners, doctors, and the like. The good thing is that you work remotely from where you are. No office, not unless you want to work from there.

Some of the services you can offer include managing events and digital marketing tasks. Also, you can be assigned tasks such as booking hotels and restaurants, sending and replying emails, and the like.

And the most common one is social media management. At least, I know one Kenyan lady who’s thriving in VA. Not only is she a thriving VA, but also a VA trainer.

You should not hesitate to contact her if you need VA, social media management, or article writing courses. You can use this link to reach her.

Of course, I am sharing their links to ensure that you contact trustworthy trainers who won’t mess you up or disappear into thin air shortly after you’ve paid.


Are you an expert in something? Like, training article writing like me? Or is it that you are good at dieting, cooking, offering motivational speeches, and the like?

Then, you can start a YouTube channel. All you need to do is learn how to make money on YouTube and start a channel right away.

While I stated previously that you must be good in English, you really don’t have to when starting a YouTube channel.

Gospel artists, for example, Anastacia, sing in any language they want, yet they are still earning a lot of money through YouTube.

The trick, though, is to start earning.

Why, to earn money online and get paid through Mpesa, you must have at least 1000 subscribers and at least 4000 watch hours. That’s not easy unless you have great traffic, right?

That, however, doesn’t mean that you should fear to start. I have a YouTube channel that has a few videos. I only add a few more once in a long while. There are just a few subscribers there. But the watch hours are increasing every day.

Trust me; I have never told anyone to subscribe; they just do. Why? I only share content that they are looking for. So, if what they find in my channel is what they need, they will, without a doubt, subscribe so as not to miss the next video.

The same case applies to you; as long as what you are sharing is resourceful, there is no need to worry; just start small. With time, you will grow.

Web Designing

Web design is one of the services I offer. And I can tell you for free; this is one of the things you should consider doing or learning. For just one website you create, you earn yourself $100 to $5000.

It all depends on whom you are working with and how well you negotiate.

You must, however, be an expert to do this.

Academic Writing

If you feel like article writing is not paying enough, you can do academic writing as it pays way more. But one thing you should know, you must be willing to keep your feet in the water as you do research. Why? Here, you are dealing with Academic stuff. That, therefore, means that there is no way you will get stuff from your head, not unless you are a teacher and teaches in that particular area you are researching on.

You must do thorough research. Does it mean there is no research to be done in article writing and other writing tasks? Not at all!

Let me explain what I mean. One of my clients is in the home improvement niche. I have written over 50 articles for her in that niche. Sometimes when she sends work, I don’t even research it; much of it is now in my head.

It is stuff to do with how to arrange furniture in a house, how to ensure your bedroom is clean, how to clean the floor, and the like.

With the knowledge, I gathered online when I started writing for her, plus the practical part, which is as a result of cleaning my house, I can write without doing much research.

In academic writing, that is not the case. Research is a must!

Now, if you want to become a full-time writer and depend on your writing to pay bills, do article writing.


In academic writing, your clients are students. As such, when schools close, you get into a dry season. No job equals no money!

Therefore, only go this route if you are sure you need it and, probably, you are doing another online job.

Editing and Proofreading

Goodness! This is not a job for everyone, not even for me!

Editing and proofreading entail reading what another writer has written and correcting any errors (mostly grammatical issues). Also, you should punctuate accordingly depending on the country of your client and eliminate any fluff.

I thought it was easy until I did it for a few weeks.

Let me come out clearly…

I was hired by an Indian to proofread and edit some reviews. They were long-form content, not less than 5000 words. The content, I think, had been written by another Indian. I charged low ($10 for 1000 words) because I thought there was no research to be done.

Little did I know that the content was a total mess. At some point, I could not understand what the writer was trying to put across. Since I value my work and I strive to deliver top-notch content, I, at some point, had to do away with large portions of content and write a fresh one. Writing a fresh means, I did research.

Remember the pay?

I felt drained. I lost the zeal each second.

I vowed never again to do such jobs. Like most people say, proofreading and editing should be charged higher than writing fresh content.

11. Surveys

I intentionally added these last surveys. Over the last few months, especially since the start of Corona, I have been receiving emails and inboxes from people asking me which are the online survey jobs in Kenya that pay through Mpesa.

The first question I ask them is this, “How much money do you hope to earn from the surveys?”

Of course, I get answers like, “Something to enable me to take care of my bills or at least $50 in a month!”

Let me be sincere with you. The reason I wrote the online surveys that pay cash is because of the demand from many Kenyans. Now, I also started doing surveys to see how much I could earn from them. Sincerity will always triumph-I earned NOTHING!

I unsubscribed and decided that if anyone contacts me because they want to do surveys, I will discourage them.

Why then did I include them as one of the jobs you can do and earn money online? Because there are a few people who have said they have done several surveys and earned something. But be informed, even though they earned, they earned too little. Little to even cater for a cup of milk!

You can try it. If you earn good to buy you a meal, send me an email or a text in my inbox.

If, therefore, you are looking to earn money online and get paid through Mpesa, avoid surveys, and do any of the jobs I have discussed above.

The Parting Shot

I have been doing online jobs since 2017, FULL-TIME! Not a single day have I thought of looking for my papers to look for a job again. As a matter of fact, I cannot compare my salary when I was teaching Information Technology with what I earn today. To be sincere; there are times when I earn what I was earning in a day or two.

You can choose to believe me or disagree, but here’s the fact, you can earn money online and get paid through Mpesa!

I have shared all you need to know so as to decide what freelancing job you can do. You also know which trainer to contact and who not to contact. I believe you are now sure if you can do online jobs, full-time or not.

If you loved this piece and would love others to learn from it, why not share it?

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